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Between scars and dreams, where screams can turn to hope, "Hôpes" talk about human soul looking for the best part of itself, with this deep desire to create a better world, more human and conscious.

A  folk/rock univers with poetics and commited lyrics (english and french), that invit us to look inside of our heart and change our habit to be more aware and open to others, to the beauty of the world and our human side.

Leading the band since 2015, Fanny (compositor, songwitter, guitare lead and voice) is an autodidact musician, also a visual artist. She's spent her childhood travelling on the sailing boat build by her parents, travelling from France to the caraibean and south america. A striking journey, rich in meetings and culture discoveries, but also a shock of awarness looking at what separates human being ; between cities, tourism and hyper consumption, and the simple and artisanal life of certains populations, this kind of opposites made her touched by injustice, environmental destruction and this non sens quest of profit : subjects which influence her words, music and art of today.

The tragic loss of her parents in an accident push her even more to get engaged in expression, art and musical ways and to create the "Hôpes" project ; a way to express, grow, and turn ours wounds to gold.

Since 5 years, collaboration with musicans (friends and souls brothers) gave birth to an EP ("Premier horizon") then the first album of 17 songs ("Les mémoires du Vent"). For 2018 , new creation and collaboration on way and for coming...

Hôpes Musicians :


Loran Saulus - Bassiste

He began playing the cello at the age of 9 at the Conservatoire de Nancy, followed by the Conservatoire de Paris and the Conservatoire Supérieur de Lyon; in 1997 he joined the Orchestre Symphonique de Bretagne, of which he is still a member today. In parallel music teacher, and invested in chamber music projects, he also collaborated as a musician intervening, including on concerts of , Johnny Hallyday and Jane Birkin. His interest in all styles of music led him to invest in Hôpes, bringing his experience and ideas for cello arrangements.


Stephane Genay - Violoncelliste


He is the young recruit of the band! Hugo started guitar at the age of 6, and drums at 10. With disconcerting ease, he exercises both with talent and passion.

Trained in the field of guitar violin making, several internships with sound engineers, and a year of work at Hurricane Music in Vertou, Hugo is also a composer for his own personal project (metal oriented) and for Hôpes 

Hugo Bernier - Guitarist

Olivier Bernier - Drummer

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Contact Production / diffusion :

Fanny Morales Courtet - 06 50 81 68 85 -

Hôpes - Association loi 1901 - Publication au JO le 08/07/2020

licence de spectacle PLATESV-D-2021-002947

  SIRET : 888 744 208  00016

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